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Expert Assistance & Coaching

Expert assistance

Our objective, in performing assistance is to deliver specific projects and to satisfy needs that we cannot effectively do through formal training. This assistance may have different durations and take the form of specific preparation off-site (e.g. before a seminar), additional days on-site (in combination with seminars), site visits, needs assessments or projects. It should be noted that the scope of our interventions is typically to transfer knowledge, bringing external best practice and knowledge to our partners countries and to act as a catalyst. It is expected that our partner countries are fully involved in any requested project and that they remain responsible for the successful delivery of the project’s overall objectives.  

The House of Training – ATTF seeks to work as a development partner with those it works with and would be pleased to discuss any requests or ideas that you may have. 


To increase its effectiveness in the context of strategic projects or those requiring significant organizational or cultural change, the House of Training has developed its own tested approach in coaching. This approach, that targets senior management, may have a duration of one to three years and is applicable to different contexts. It fosters ownership, assists changes in mindset and raises the competence and autonomy of the coaches concerned.

Site visits

The House of Training - ATTF seeks to work in partnership with its partner countries. In this interest, site visits or study visits, are organised on a regular basis to maintain a close relationship and to understand country's needs and concerns. Visits to countries are typically used to elaborate or update country strategies and work plans according to which our activities are approved for funding by the Luxembourg state and subsequently delivered by the House of Training. Site visits may also be used to discuss further needs for expert assistance, or to discuss the participation of the House of Training in joint projects or events organized in collaboration with the partner countries.




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