From 05 Aug 2019 to 09 Aug 2019    Workshops Package « Bank Management : Key Operational Aspects – Risk Management in Banking”     in Hanoi / Vietnam
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05/2012  From Consulat du Luxembourg à Shanghai      Full article in PDF

MoU renewal between Shanghai Financial Association (SFA)
& Financial Technology Transfer Agency Luxembourg (ATTF)

MoU renewal

05/2012  From Luxembourg Stock Exchange      Full article in PDF

A delegation of Chinese bankers at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

02/2012  From AGEFI      Full article in PDF

AGEFI s’entretient avec Patrick Wallerand
à propos du rôle et des actions de l’ATTF

01/2012  From Luxembourg Stock Exchange      Full article in PDF

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange interviews
Patrick Wallerand about ATTF’s mission and activities

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