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12/2014  From The Kosovo Banker      Full article in PDF

15 years of transferring banking expertise

ALRiM newsletter#38

28/11/2014  From      Full article in PDF

Did you know? Luxembourg transfers banking expertise to financial centers in China and around the world for 15

ALRiM newsletter#38

11/2014  From ALRiM newsletter#38      Full article in PDF

Every November, ALRiM, the ATTF and ADA collaborate to host a workshop / conference on risk management and microfinance. The key focus of the conference is to bring together the people who manage microfinance institutions across the world with experts in risk management who are based in Luxembourg...

ALRiM newsletter#38

11/2014  From Paperjam      Full article in PDF

Savoir-faire en transfert

10/2014  From ABBL     

Un point de rencontre entre la place financière et les pays émergents. L'Agence de Transfert de Technologie Financière (ATTF), célèbre ses quinze ans d’existence.

10/2014  From LFF Newsletter      Full article in PDF

ATTF CELEBRATES 15 YEARS : LFF talked to ATTF Directors, Josée Thyes and Patrick Wallerand to look back on what has been achieved up to now and the challenges and opportunities ahead for the agency.

06/10/2014  From Paperjam      Full article in PDF

15 ans d'ATTF: La promotion de la Place par le savoir

Luxembourg Responsible
Finance Platform
 From LuxembourgForFinance      Full article in PDF

Page 14: Share financial expertise with developing markets


06/2014  From Andy à Luxembourg      Full article in PDF

Pierre VOOS, Head of Strategy, Project and Product Management chez ING Luxembourg fait part de son experience en tant que "Senior Expert" pour l'ATTF


04/2014  From ABBL website      Full article in PDF

InFiNe, une nouvelle association pour le renforcement
et la promotion du secteur de la finance inclusive à Luxembourg


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