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International Training Catalog

Key Offer

Please find herewith the detailed information about the House of Training International training programme.

The training programme is divided in four groups:


1. Risk, Compliance & Control
2. Front office, Operations & Support
3. Human Resources, Leadership, Management & Projects
4. Inclusive Finance/Microfinance

With Certification certification programme In Luxembourg in Luxembourg Abroad in a partner country. distance learning

ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

Sustainable Finance

Risk, Compliance & Control

Risk Management

AML & Compliance

Corporate Governance

Internal Audit & Control

Digital Banking

Front Office, Operations & Support

Capital Markets


Asset & Wealth Management

Retail Banking & E-Banking

SME Financing, Credit and Financial Analysis & Project Finance


Human Resources, Leadership, Management & Projects

Management for Executives

Human Resources Management

Leadership & Management

Management for Middle Management & High Potentials

Selling Financial Services

Inclusive Finance/ Microfinance


Persons from countries not listed on the House of Training “ ATTF “ website are welcomed to look up our non-subsidized training courses on They may also send us a request through the House of Training - ATTF contact form.

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