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Multinational Certification Programme Sustainable Finance

The primary objective of this certification programme is to enable participants:

  • to find out more about the various stakeholders involved and gain an understanding of the reason why this topic has gained momentum the last few years, as well as the forces behind its development.
  • to find answers to the WH questions (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW) on the Sustainable Finance ecosystem.
  • To understand key concepts of sustainable development and climate change, the normative context of Sustainable Finance, as well as the challenges and opportunities of ESG date and labelling. Participants will also learn about ESG Transparency and reporting and summarise their knowledge during a collaborative case study.
  • to get an insight into the main current ESG regulations and to have an overview of other upcoming ESG regulatory changes as well as certain product level developments.
  • to get clarity on the products currently available on the Sustainable Finance market with a specific focus on Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds and ESG funds, as flagship products.


The courses are structured around an innovative teaching style that combines theory and practical business case studies, concretely allowing candidates to put into practice the main concepts and definitions learned.

To make sure the participants have a similar level of fundamental knowledge in Sustainable Finance, they will be given access to an introductory e-learning course approximately two weeks before the start of the online seminar.

Target group

The programme has been primarily designed for executives, managers, heads of department of banks, asset management, insurance companies and other relevant financial institutions who wish to embrace sustainability into their business models. Priority will be given to those involved in front office operations.


The participants will have their newly acquired knowledge validated through an online written exam and will be granted a certificate of success issued by the House of Training.


The different courses of the programme will be delivered by senior experts, members of the House of Training ESG Environment, Social and Governance Quality Circle, with an in-depth experience in the field of sustainable finance and willing to share their expertise.
The programme is organised in collaboration with the ABBL (The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association), Deloitte, Forethix, Linklaters / Loyens & Loeff and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


A sound level of English is required.

Duration, dates, and time

The course consists of an introductory e-learning session, an online seminar of several days, and an online exam.
The times of the individual sessions may vary. Details on the days and times of the individual sessions and the exam, as well as additional information will be provided to the selected participants.
When you apply for this programme, it is imperative that you are available to follow ALL modules and to be actively present all the time.
Participants should act as if they were in Luxembourg, away from the office. Therefore, we recommend that they completely block their agenda for this week from the moment they send their application forms.

Platform & Technical requirements

In order to join the course participants are requested to have:

  • a stable internet connection
  • a device (preferably a desktop/laptop) with well-functioning microphone and webcam, which is mandatory to be able to interact with the trainer and their peers.

Detailed programme Explode


Your first steps in sustainable finance

  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI)
  • Knowledge Check (randomised selection of questions)


Sustainable Finance – Foundation

  • The Sustainable Finance eco-system
  • Regulation
  • Sustainable finance to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Sustainable finance in numbers
  • Case study

Operational Aspects

  • Introduction - Key concepts
  • Normative context in Sustainable Finance
  • Sustainable Finance labelling
  • Sustainable Finance Data
  • ESG transparency & reporting
  • Collaborative case study

The Case of Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds and ESG Funds

  • ESG Funds
  • Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Market
  • Market Standards
  • Reporting and Review

Regulatory Aspects

  • Main existing ESG regulations
  • Upcoming ESG regulatory changes


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