Programme in preparation

Certified Private Banker, Foundation Level

In cooperation with the House of Training Quality Circle in Private Banking

The seminar is an introduction to the modern financial tools that are used to value financial products in modern portfolio management.
The most important financial products used in wealth management and private banking will be covered: simple instruments (forex, money market instruments, bonds and equities) and complex or structured financial products (traditional investment funds, hedge funds, derivatives, structured products). Managing the risks associated with these instruments will also be covered. The international financial architecture of this programme will lead to the integration of these instruments in a global solution for portfolio management. Participants will receive a global overview of the total product offering that corresponds to the complex needs of private banking clients, including fiscal planning, private equity, estate planning, family office services and family governance.


Upon finishing of the course participants will know how to:

  • use modern financial instruments in investment portfolios;
  • make investment decisions based on the aspects of risk and return;
  • understand the concept of market efficiency in portfolio management;
  • integrate investment solutions in efficient financial vehicles.


The programme combines 2 parts:

  1. An E-learning course "International Financial Market" (approx. duration: 10 hours) with a final test. Participants are required to take this course and pass the test before the beginning of the 2nd part.
  2. An instructor-led training (ILT) in Luxembourg, during which industry experts will teach the subjects in a highly interactive way. Theoretical lectures will be combined with practical examples, exercises and case studies. The training is ending with a final written exam.

Target Audience

High potentials and specialists of commercial banks or other financial institutions, young traders, interested in Asset Management, Private Banking, Investment Advisory, Relationship Management, Risk Management and Portfolio Management. Junior Client Advisors in Personal or Private Banking.

Knowledge Assessment

  • Participants will be asked to pass a test at the end of the E-learning course (they are allowed to redo the course and retry the final test as often as they want before the ILT course).
  • A written exam based on all the covered topics will be held at the end of the ILT course in Luxembourg.

Location & Duration

  • E-learning course: approx. 10 hours
  • ILT course in Luxembourg: 6,5 working days, exam included
  • in HoT-ATTF partner countries: divided in 2 parts of 4 days, exam included

Detailed programme Explode

Major Financial Spot Markets

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Foreign exchange
  • Commodities

Financial Derivatives

  • Forwards & Futures
  • Swaps
  • Options & Warrants

Structured Products

  • Capital Guaranteed
  • Reverse convertibles

Introduction to portfolio management

  • Risk and return
  • Portfolio theory
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Portfolio management in practice
  • Performance and risk measures

Introduction to Risk Management in Private Banking

  • Defining private banking
  • Risk management in the private banking environment

Introduction to funds and hedge funds

  • Basic concepts: UCIs, NAV, legal framework
  • Hedge funds: definitions, pros and cons, strategies and risk
  • Operational issues

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