Programme in preparation

Risk Management Excellence in Microfinance, Connecting Luxembourg to Leading MFIs

In cooperation with ADA

SIMFI is an interactive simulation tool which learns how to lead an MFI according to good management practices. The user can visualize the direct consequences of the decisions he has taken based on virtually changing environment and market conditions.


  • Promoting a strategic approach to the management of an MFI. The training scenarios involve decisions of registered participants in a policy. The results should confirm or deny the accuracy of decisions in relation to this strategy.
  • Giving an overview of the functioning of an MFI.
  • Focus attention on more specific issues: risk management and/or performance indicators.
  • Create a dynamic exchange between participants.

Target group

  • Executive directors, deputy or financial directors of small and medium-sized Microfinance Institutions, known as Tier 3 and Tier 2 Microfinance Institutions. The Institutions should have a credit loan portfolio between €500.000 and €10M euro.
  • Financial Supervisors of the Microfinance sector
  • Bankers with MFI activities or having MFIs as clients

A good command of English is required.

Location & Duration

in Luxembourg: 4 days


Detailed programme Explode

  • Risk Management postioning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Positioning of partners and stakeholders about risk management
  • Operational risk management
  • Risk assessment and identification
  • Risk cartography

Introduction and application to the Risk Management Graduation Model (RMGM)

  • Risk Management strategies
  • Case Studies
  • The coaching experience

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