Programme in preparation

Financial Institution Corporate Governance

in collaboration House of Training Quality Circle Corporate Governance with ILA


Financial Institution Corporate Governance provides participants with a good understanding of the main principles in the field of corporate governance in a financial services environment, including the major drivers, trends and challenges. 

The course will discuss relationships between managers, boards of directors, shareholders, stakeholders and investors; as well as demonstrating the role of governance through examples.

Target Group

  •    Board Members, Directors of Financial Institutions, Corporations
  •    Executive Managers
  •    Senior management of Internal Control functions such as Legal, Compliance, Operational Risk and Internal Audit.

Location & Duration

HoT-ATTF partner countries: 3 to 4 seminar days (depending if sequential translation or not)

Detailed programme Explode

  1. Introduction
    1. Defining Corporate Governance
    2. A brief History of Corporate Governance
    3. The Business Case for Corporate Governance
    4. The Governance Structure of a Stock Company
    5. The Governance Structure of a Bank
  2. Definition of a Corporation
    1. Purpose of a Corporation
    2. Directing a Corporation
    3. Corporations, Laws, Elections, Performance
    4. The “Value” of a Corporation
    5. Internal Regulations of a Company
    6. Company Code of Corporate Governance
    7. Company Code of Ethics
    8. Stakeholder theory, reputation management and corporate responsibility
  3. Shareholders / Owners
    1. Definitions of ownership
    2. Ownership, Monitoring, Control
    3. Institutional Investors
    4. Pension Funds, Hedge Funds
    5. The Shareholder Register
    6. The Meetings of Shareholders
      1. Preparing the AGM
      2. Conducting the AGM
      3. Extraordinary Meetings
  4. Directors
    1. Board composition and appointment
      1. Director election and removal
      2. Board composition
      3. Board Evaluation, Education, Remuneration
    2. Duties of the Board of Directors
    3. Board and Directors’ Authority
    4. Board Procedures and Policies
    5. Relations between Directors and Management
    6. CEO Succession Planning
    7. Independent Directors
    8. The Corporate Secretary
  5. Control Functions and Procedures
    1. The Supervisory Board
    2. The Audit Committee
    3. The Internal Control Functions
      1. Compliance function
      2. Risk function
      3. Internal audit function
    4. The Independent External Auditor
  6. Oversight of, and interactions with, Management
    1. Executive Bodies, Managers, CEO
      1. Qualifications, Authorities
      2. Composition of Executive Boards
      3. Working Procedures of Executive Bodies
    2. Expectations, Remuneration of members of executive boards, CEOs
  7. EU Corporate Governance for Financial Institutions
    1. European Banking Authority
    2. Local regulators
  8. International Corporate Governance for Financial Institutions
    1. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
    2. The Global Corporate Governance Forum
    3. Governance Metrics, World Bank, G7
  9. Corporations in Crisis

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