Programme in preparation

Internal Audit & Control


The main objectives are bringing participants up-to-date with the latest internal audit methodologies, tools and techniques; enhance the quality of and maintain the consistency in conducting the internal audit work of the organization; understand the internal controls environment and the respective roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, in order to develop the skill to perform an Internal Controls risk assessment.


Based on audit standard framework, Virtual classroom - Distance interactive learning via Webex. Active participation will be encouraged (case studies, polls, participants interview, group brainstorming…)

Taget Group

Internal auditors (all levels), compliance officers, risks controllers, business controllers, accountants, Senior & Middle Level management officers who want to learn about audit methodology. Preferred: at least 3 years’ experience in Audit and/or business control of bank’s processes, operations, procedures and organization.

Location and duration

  • in HoT partner countries: 3-4 pays (depending if sequential translation)
  • Virtual Classroom: 6 sessions of 3 hours each.

Detailed programme Explode

1. Internal audit and control framework definitions;

2. Models and organization, responsibilities, common framework, methodologies and key process stages; 3 lines of defense

3. Conducting audits and essential skills, managing risks; techniques

4. Audit risk assessment: The Auditor’s role

5. Audit Concepts and techniques; internal audit reports

6. Relationship between Internal Audit, Management and Governance

7. Understand the Internal Controls environment

8. Formulate a risk-based audit approach

9. Key points in auditing of General Data Protection Regulation

10. Key points in auditing of Credit/Financial/Treasury/Market Risk

11. Key points in auditing of Anti Money Laundering/Finance Terrorism

12. Introduction to digital banking model and machine learning control   environment

13. Elements of IT audit

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