From 02 Mar 2020 to 04 Mar 2020    Retail Banking - New Distribution Channels & E-Banking    in Tirana / Albania

Internal Audit & Control

The following subjects will be covered:

Internal audit and control framework definitions, models and organisation, responsibilities, common frameworks (COSO, COBIT), methodologies and key process stages, conducting audits & essential skills, managing risks, techniques, exercises and interaction.

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Location and duration

in HoT partner countries: 3-4 pays (depending if sequential translation)

Detailed programme Explode

Internal Control (“IC”)

  • Introduction
    • Internal control definition and objectives
    • Definitions of key corporate concepts
    • Origin of internal audit activity
  • Legal Context
    • Rationale
    • From worldwide to local legal context
    • Control functions in today’s organizations
  • Internal Control Activities
    • Segregation of duties, authorization, 4-eyes principle, retention of records, monitoring, physical safeguard, top-level reviews, I.T. controls, internal audit
  • Scope, roles and responsibilities
    • Matrix
    • Ultimate objectives of such internal control activities and responsibilities
  • Structuring the Internal Control System 
    • Means of achieving internal control
    • COSO framework (within the control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information systems, monitoring processes,
    • COSO 2013 additions: four categories of business objectives, 3 additional framework components (event identification, risk response, Monitoring)


  • Internal Control and Technology
    • The COBIT model 
    •  I.T. responsibilities in internal control (network &Infrastructure,  Data & Storage, Application & Web Development
    • Nature of I.T. controls (preventive, detective and corrective)
    • Strategy for I.T internal control success
    • I.T. Strategy on Internal controls
    • I.T. Internal controls costs
  • Internal Audit (“IA”)
    • Introduction
      • Definition
      • Internal audit interaction with internal control
      • Scope of internal audit
  • Legal framework
    • From worldwide to local
    • A core function
    • Independence: the challenge
  • The components of the IA function
    • Internal auditors
    • Organic chart
    • Internal audit charter, internal audit multi-year plan, internal audit engagements
  • The conduct of an internal audit engagement
    • The types of internal audit engagements
    • The steps of an internal audit engagement
    • The evidences of the internal auditor
    • The work papers of the internal auditor
  • Audit report drafting
    • Challenges
    • Internal Audit report structure
    • Quality of reporting
    • The five tips for the internal audit report
  • Internal Audit and Fraud investigation
    • Definition
    • Characteristics of fraud
    • Internal Control mitigating fraud risk
    • Fraud Auditing
    • Internal Fraud in banks
    • Forensic Audit
  • 10 Key points for an efficient and successful internal audit role





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