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HR @ Crossroads - Multinational Perspectives

  • in cooperation with POG.

Within the growing context of globalization, the human resources will be more than ever a key factor for the development of companies in a more and more competitive environment. In this respect, human resources management (HRM) is already an important function in many organisations with proactive strategies. The seminar aims to give new approaches and present new trends with an emphasis on intercultural aspects.


This training aims at looking into the modern HRM practices used in Europe, while recognising the multicultural aspects of HRM and considering the future of the HRM function. It also provides the opportunity to human resources managers from various countries to exchange views and experience. Local HR experts will add context, concepts, insights to the discussion and share tips and techniques from their own experience.

  • At the end of this programme, participants will :
  • Have a deeper understanding of the strategic impact of their own roles and the challenges facing HR in the future.
  • Be familiar with current HR best practices in Luxembourg as well as in a broader international environment in key areas of HR management including teambuilding, talent management, competency model, performance management, learning & development, employee engagement.
  • Be able to draw on a diverse range of practical ideas and tools to lead and manage change in these areas in their own organisations.
  • Have access to an expanded network of HR professionals from different cultures and organisations to continue a rich exchange of ideas and learning after the programme.


The programme will revolve around practical exercises, workshops and discussions of participants' current HR challenges. The training starts with a teambuilding and a self-challenging exercise. The aim is to give the opportunity to the participants to get acquainted to each other, to work in groups and to push their limits.

Target group

  • Human Resources Directors
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Executive Leaders with HR in their portfolio of responsibilities
  • Candidates seen to reach such a position in the near future working in commercial and central banks & other financial institutions

Location & Duration

in Luxembourg: 8 days

Detailed programme Explode

Team-building and Personal Challenge

  • do group (outdoor) exercises and get to know each other


  • Analysis of working in a team
  • Further teamwork, concepts and exercises

Managing Change

  • Anticipation of changes and implications
  • Effect of changes on HR Professionals

Value-based Workforce Planning

  • Linking business strategy and people competencies
  • Value-Based Workforce Planning
  • Creation competencies framework
  • Make gap analysis between needed skills/competencies and what is already present in the company


  • Leadership Styles and Organisational Climate

Talent Management

  • Development of potential future managers/decision-makers, which will include exploration of their impact on essential factors such as: 
    • Employee Engagement :  a key strategic element for organisations.
    • Motivation :  which is impacted by all our activities and processes.
    • Employability:  a major responsibility for employers and employees alike.
    • Learning :  beyond training to support all future development of people and organisations.

All participants are encouraged to bring their own situations and challenges into the seminar to enhance learning and the sharing of knowledge.





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