Programme in preparation

Retail Banking - New Distribution Channels & E-Banking

Our course can contain the following items: distribution strategy and organisation, channels present and future, understanding e-banking, trends and models, customer behaviour, organisation and strategy redefinition, roadmaps with practical examples and best practice.

Please revert to the House of Training for further information.

Location & Duration

In HoT-ATTF partner countries: 3 days.

Detailed programme Explode

Part I: Distribution Strategy and Organization

  • Introduction
    • Scope
    • Global objectives
    • Attention points
    • From multi-channel to cross channel and Omni channel
    • Conclusions
  • Traditional branch network
    • Why is a network important?
    • Evolution of the retail organization
    • Branch organization
    • Branches evolution
    • Branch today
    • Retail banking in the world
    • Conclusions

New distribution channels

  • Direct Banking
  • Trends
  • Direct Channel Distribution
    • Call center – Internet – ATM – Mobile
    • Partnering with insurance
  • E-banking in the Multi-Channel Strategy
  • Socio demographic evolution and banking behaviors
  • Change Management: change for the staff, new jobs in the branches
  • New acquisition, distribution and servicing models
  • The new actors - Fintech


Part II: Vision for the Future

  • Retail Banking 2020
  • Internet Market trends
  • Which website?
  • Websites analysis

Part III: The Sales

  • Traditional sales
  • Sales on Internet
  • KPIs
    • Traditional operating reports
    • Internet KPIs

Part IV: Reinventing Retail Banking

  • Introduction
    • New models
    • Banking Channels evolution
    • Roadmap
    • Social Network

Part V: Conclusions

  • Distribution channel
  • Clients
  • Marketing
  • References

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