Programme in preparation

Human Resources Management

This course can cover the following items: the strategic role of HR, change and performance management, communication, leadership style and team management, motivation, competencies, learning and development, talent management. 

Please revert to the House of Training for further information.

Location & Duration 

In HoT-ATTF partner countries: 3 or 5 days

Detailed programme Explode

HR Basics

  • Introduction
  • Where does everybody stand? (experience + expectations of participants)
  • A typical day at the office
  • Exercise about HR Roles – Activities - Objectives and KPI’s
  • Recruitment and Headhunting: recruiting the right candidate
    • How to read a CV to look for competences?
    • How to prepare for the interview?
    • How to conduct a competency based interview?
    • Recruiting the right candidate
    • Roles plays


Useful tools for the exercise:

  • Techniques of Assessment of competencies
  • Job Weighting and salary benchmarks


Performance Management

  • Case study : Performance Management
    • Influence within your team
    • Motivation
    • Talent Mangement (9 grid)
      • Identification of talents
      • Succession Plan
      • Retention of talents (financial-non financial)
  • High Performance Appraisals
    • Target Setting
    • Appraisals
    • Performance follow-up
    • Development talks
  • Feed-Back: positive & difficult messages / learning & development
  • How to build a personal development plan? (Coaching techniques)
  • Set up of a company training plan / E-Learning
  • Engagement survey / social climate 

Useful tools for the exercise

  • Process Communication Model (individual assessment)
  • Coaching Postures
  • Talent Management
  • Career Management

Change Management, Why Agility Matters?

  • Change Organizational Culture
    • How to support your management team in order to adopt the behaviors that foster collective success? Sharing of experience and best practices; team building examples
    • Why agility matters? Predict upcoming changes to anticipate
    • What is managerial agility? Measure the agility of your own team
    • Agility simulation. Assess the agility of the participants’ team
    • Measure the need for managerial agility of your own team
    • Determine an action plan in order to close the gap between the current situation and the situation needed
      • Definition of the scope of the change
      • Assessment Change Readiness and gaps
      • Developing Leadership
      • Creating awareness to empower employees
      • Sustaining change by creating structures and process that enforce behavioral change
  • Tools
    • Managerial and behavioral agility
    • Systemic diagnostic
  • Questions not yet answered








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