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People Management for Team Managers

In cooperation with POG


At the end of this programme, participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the strategic impact of people management on motivation, performance and business results as well as their role of Managers as Coaches for their teams.
  • Learn how to build a trusting and efficient relationship with their team and HR business partners to deliver high-level results by drawing on a diverse range of concepts, practical ideas and tools to lead and manage effectively.
  • Explore forward-looking HR practices and international perspectives in the following key areas: Talent Management, Leadership, Coaching and Managing Performance.
  • Have access to an expanded network of professionals from different organisations to continue a rich exchange of ideas and learning after the programme.


The programme will revolve around practical exercises and participants’ contribution to their current business challenges related to people management. The Luxembourg-based expert(s) will add context, concepts, insights to the discussions and share tips and techniques from their own experience.

Location & Duration

in Luxembourg: 6 days with several experts

in HoT-ATTF partner countries: 3 days, with one expert and without the outdoor team-building group exercises.

Detailed programme Explode

Team-building and Personal Challenge

  • During these sessions the participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other, to do group exercises outdoors and to discover hidden personal strengths. Please be aware that this will not be included in the seminar taking place outside Luxembourg.

A Strategic View

  • In a rapidly changing world it is imperative to connect the outside world to the strategic intent of the organization. You the people managers play a central role in conveying the mission of the organization and linking it to the performance of your teams.


  • We will review what it means to be a Leader-Manager-Coach and how to unfold your leadership competencies. we will explore the behaviors and attitudes needed to generate inspiration, trust, powerful relationships, commitment, engagement and accountability to achieve sustainable change in your team. 

The Manager as Coach

  • Hierarchical management is no longer enough and effective to ensure employee engagement in an ever-changing business environment. This session is focused on exploring how you can effectively use a coaching attiude and postures to ensure your team delivers superior and engaged performance.

Performance Management

  • This is a central part of people management and yet it is a process often poorly managed and inefficient. We will discuss how you can manage performace and get the best out of your people throughout the year, using the skills of Manager-Coach and having clarity of purpose. Learning and development, motivation and employability are important elements of this way of working.

Talent Management and Development

  • Talent management is a top business priority with a view to the future supported by processes to identify, assess and develop potential future managers/decision-makers and specialists for the company and inform the development of succession plans.  We will look at your manager role in a typical process.

What's next

  • On the last day of the seminar, we will pull it all together with a quick review of some topics followed by a "Back to Work" session where the participants will focus on the future and receive support from each other to make a strategic and practical action plan for personal and/or business changes they will implement when returning to their organization.


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