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Talent Management


Effectively managing talents in today and tomorrow’s business world is key for our leaders. It is actually becoming an essential element of today’s leadership competencies. The success of performing teams and organizations is essentially based on carefully developing the talent pool and the potential laying within each of us.

The objective of this workshop is to:

  • provide the participants with the understanding, knowledge, tools and processes needed to identify correctly the potential, talent, competencies and ambition of their team.
  • understand assessment and development approaches using a coaching posture, identify individualized development plans and support their implementation
  • exchange views, experiences and practice with other participants to facilitate the integration of the various techniques
  • raise awareness on current trends happening in the world

Target Group

HR specialists and professionals with a minimum of 5 years of expertise.

A good command of English is required.

Location & Duration

In HoT-ATTF partner countries: 2 days

Detailed programme Explode

  • Why is Talent Management a key business issue?
  • Future trends in Talent Management
  • Link to the organization’s strategy
  • What is the coaching posture to support Talent Management?
  • Difference between Competencies and Talent
  • Experiencing the process with some tools and exercises
  • Assessment basics
  • Developing our Talents
  • How do people learn?
  • What are Talent Pools versus Succession Plans?

Throughout the workshop: open discussion to link or adapt existing processes in the participant’s organization with a structured transparent approach involving top and line management.

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