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Risk Management: Liquidity Risk

in collaboration with the House of Training Quality Circle in Risk Management with ALRiM


Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, which is often described as a liquidity crisis, liquidity risk has become a major area of focus in risk management. Many of the changes in Basel III target liquidity risk and how banks can protect themselves against it. The purpose of this three-day course is to provide participants with a good understanding of liquidity risk and how to manage it.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

› Understand the various forms of liquidity risk and their sources

› Analyse funding and asset liquidity risk

› Judge the impact of governance and organisational structure on liquidity risk

› Apply the most common methods for measuring liquidity risk

› Develop a contingency funding plan

› Evaluate the regulatory environment for liquidity risk in banks and investment funds

› Understand the changes in Basel III regarding liquidity risk

Target Group:

Banking professionals from banks (commercial and central), financial institutions or supervisory authorities, who already have a good knowledge of risk management fundamentals and who wish to acquire a practical understanding of liquidity risk.

Location and duration:

in HoT partner countries: 3 to 4 days depending if sequential translation or not

Detailed programme Explode


  • Introduction
  • Liquidity Risk Management Framework
  • Governance and organisational structure
  • Asset liquidity risk
  • Funding liquidity risk


  • Liquidity risk measurement
  • Contingency funding plan
  • Liquidity risk regulation


  • The financial crisis 2007-2009: the story
  • The financial crisis 2007-2009: the case studies
  • Conclusions

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