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IT Audit

Information Technology (IT) is a critical enabler of business. Assuring an organization’s governance, risk management and control processes requires internal auditors to understand the role of IT within their organizations and to develop adequate knowledge and skills to audit IT systems as the line separating “IT” and “non-IT” audits is beginning to disappear, except in the very technical IT areas.

This seminar is not intended for IT audit specialists. It is specially designed to meet the basic IT audit training needs (at the awareness level) of financial and operational auditors and other professionals who have to assess IT risks, governance, management and controls in the execution of their role.


Location and duration

in HoT partner countries: 3-4 pays (depending if sequential translation)

Detailed programme Explode

Introduction: IT world Overview

  • IT and the Business world today
  • The hardware infrastructure
  • The processes
  • The Advantages of IT in business
  • Input
  • Processes
  • Output
  • Implementing IT in an organization
  • The basic questions
  • The challenges of implementing IT

Frameworks, standards and guidelines

  • COBIT – Objective
  • COBIT – The 5 principles
  • COBIT – 4 domains of IT activities
  • Control objective illustrations
  • Other frameworks (ISO27001 & ISO27002 - Security Controls)


IT audit definition and scope

  • Observation
  • Definition of IT audit
  • Why IT auditing?
  • The IT audit paradigm
  • Scope of IT audit
  • Frameworks for IT auditors
    • ISACA IT Audit Standards
    • IIA GTAG (Global Technology Audit Guides)

Assessing IT risks

  • Business case study
  • Introduction
  • IT general controls
  • IT application controls

The IT audit process

  • Planning phase
  • Design and execute tests
  • Pitfalls
  • Evaluate results and report
    • Using CAATs and other IT Audit Tools & Techniques
    • Relying on the Work of IT Audit Specialists (Technical Experts)

Artificial intelligence and IT success


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