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Cyber and Information Security Management


At the end of this course, the participants will have an overall view of Cybersecurity and the problems related to this subject, which will allow them to guide their choices and their mission taking into account the risks associated with cyber security.

by the end of the course they will have:

  • covered the various areas of Cyber Security
  • obtained notions of user safety - individual behavior (passwords, email, mobility, social networks) and basic notions of Cyber-Security
  • obtained answers to the following questions:
    • What is the purpose of CyberSecurity?
    • How to manage security?
    • What are the security and defense controls?
    • What are the means to respond to security incidents?
  • understood how an attack is performed
  • Reviewed the context of regional security and regulation and the specificities of the financial field (PCI DSS, mBanking, eBanking)
  • reviewed ethics and standards related to Cyber Security

Target Group

Directors and managers of  IT, security, risk and compliance departments within banks, financial institutions, central banks or supervisory bodies.

Location & Duration

In HoT-ATTF partner countries: 3 seminar days - available in English and in French

Detailed programme Explode

What are the threats?

• Understand how an attack occurs

• Attacker profiles

• What is the purpose of Cybersecurity?

• Cybersecurity Basics: Basic Triad, Notions of Risk, Threat, Vulnerability, Impact

• The return on investment of security

• How to manage security?

• Security policies

• Ethics and Standards PCI-DSS

• Security Incident Management

• Infrastructure and communication security

• Security Operation Center (SOC) -Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

• The specificities of the financial sector (electronic banking, mBanking, banking, interconnection ...)

• Software security

• User security concepts -individual behavior

(password, email, mobility, social networks)

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