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Selling Financial Services & Managing Client Relationships


The course provides participants with a good understanding of how to sell financial services and manage client relationships effectively.

Target Group

Managers of financial institutions, marketing officers, sales people as well as client relationship managers, section heads or operational department heads interested in improving their understanding of selling financial services and managing clients.

Location & Duration

In HoT-ATTF partner countries: 3 days

Detailed programme Explode

Day 1

1. Introduction

  • The Service Industry
  • Financial Services vs. Other Services
  • Financial Services in the Digital Age
  • Selling Financial Services
  • The Sales Cycle for Financial Services

2. Sales Cycle: Prospecting and Research

  • Understanding the Client
  • Market Segmentation
  • Identifying Sales Targets
  • Developing a Sales Strategy
  • Prospecting and Cold Calling
  • Describing the Service

Day 2

3. Sales Cycle: Meeting the Prospect

  • Arranging a Meeting
  • Opening the Meeting
  • Non-Verbal Communication in Sales Meetings
  • Defining the Client's Needs
  • Managing Client Expectations

4. Sales Cycle: Selling

  • Presenting the Service
  • Negotiating a Win-Win Deal with the Client
  • Asking the Client for his Business
  • Closing the Deal

Day 3 

5. Sales Cycle: Follow-Up

  • Consolidation
  • Implementing the Deal
  • Following Up with the Client
  • Asking for Referrals

6. Managing Client Relationships

  • What is Client Relationship Management (CRM)?
  • Creating, Maintaining and Operating a Client Database
  • Identifying Target Market Segments
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • Client Profitability
  • Communication Strategy

7. Service Recovery

  • Handling Difficult Clients
  • Saying "No" to a Client
  • Recovering from a Difficult Situation with a Client
  • Retaining Clients

8. New Trends in Selling Financial Services

  • Selling Digital Services



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