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Albulena Mustafa - Kosovo - PCB

About Risk Management: Liquidity Risk
2020-01-28 / Pristina

The seminar was excellent. The lecturer was very well prepared and he was able to explain the topics in a very clear way. He was able to combine very well the practice with academic learning.


Gervais Ndajisaba - Rwanda - I&M bank Rwanda PLC

About Governance: Audit, Control and Compliance
2019-12-02 / Kigali

This training is useful to an auditor, compliance member of staff whether for office or head, because it helps to understand more on Governance at strategic level, understand more on level of internal controls in the organisation and link them with lines of defense.


Xiaojun Xing - China - China Universal Asset Management Co

About Portfolio Management
2019-11-25 / Shanghai

It helps me to better understand the financial market and wealth management sector in Luxembourg and Europe. The update of responsible investing and MIFID II is really helpful.


Gledi Memelhi - Kosovo - Procredit Bank

About Certification Programme: AML & CTF Foundation Level
2019-11-18 / Pristina

Being a foundation level course, the seminar included all the important steps and phases where compliance officer should focus on.The time was adequately divided depending on the importance of the topic.


Ana Caladikovska-Mazneva - Macedonia - Procreditbank

About IFRS9
2019-11-04 / Skopje

For this seminar I can say that it was one of the best I have attended. The reason is that the trainer Robert was perfect (trainer full of knowledge). These kind of seminars are very useful for banks and they should be performed on a regular basis, because they are widening our knowledge for IFRS standards and their proper understanding.


Ginyu Wu - China - Shanghai Stock Exchange

About Financial Institution Corporate Governance
2019-10-28 / Shanghai

The lecturer is passionate about this seminar, giving not only the key opinions, but also his understanding from the true experience of his own, which is practical and precious. The seminar also provides me with an opportunity to learn and compare different kind of structures and principles between Europe and China.

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