From 26 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018    IFRS    in Pristina / Kosovo



Mrs Kyawt Kay Khaing - Myanmar - Yoma Bank

About Risk Management: Asset & Liability Management (ALM): Mastering It
2017-12-19 / Yangon

The lecturer has a simple way of teaching ALM. He can deliver the lesson clearly and motivated the whole class; there was 100% participation during the training. In short, he is very good at teaching, he is open-minded and has full knowledge about the subject. Would be interested in more courses about Risk management.


Aida Gjoni - Albania - Tirana Bank

About People Management for Team Managers
2017-12-03 / Tirana

I am sure this seminar will change my way of thinking as a manager. It opens a door towards a different world of thinking, acting and behaving with our staff and ourselves as well.


Mr Aung Myo Min - Myanmar - SHWE Bank

About Cyber and Information Security Management
2017-11-27 / Yangon

Very nice training about the cyber and information security and how to handle the risk, report the risk and it teaches us a lot about how to manage.


Corneev Denis - Moldova - BC VictoriaBank SA

About Retail Banking Strategy
2017-11-06 / Chisinau

It will help me to start thinking a little bit « out of the box » in the perspective of clients’ needs approach. It certainly adds value to my daily work! Thank you very much!


Maria Bologan - Moldova - Mobiasbanca-Groupe Société Générale

About Retail Banking Strategy
2017-11-06 / Chisinau

Definitely, there will be many things applied during my activity; also much of already existing will be reviewed (refreshed) based on newly acquired knowledge.


Natalia Barbascumpa - Moldova
Head of Credit Monitoring Division - BC Energbank SA

About International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS)
2017-10-16 / Chisinau

The knowledge acquired will make it easier to implement the new algorithm of calculation of impairment for the loans portfolio of our bank.

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