From 28 May 2018 to 30 May 2018    Selling Financial Services & Managing Client Relationships    in Tirana / Albania



Tanovic Amira - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Privredna Banka Sarajevo DD

About Risk Management: Asset & Liability Management (ALM) : Mastering It
2018-05-09 / Sarajevo

Exercises were very useful and applicable in my work. There were a lot of examples and informations we needed. We asked and the lecturer answered. Excellent seminar in every way.


Bezhanishvili Tamar - Georgia - ProCredit Bank Georgia

About IFRS9
2018-04-23 / Tbilisi

It was my first seminar about IFRS9 and I got a broad and comprehensive review of it, which is what I will need for my work. As a result, I know the framework and the concept. I very much appreciate that the trainer brought many examples , which helped me understand complex issues, to the course. His diverse and long experience as a banking auditor and consultant together with his delivery method make this training very interesting, easy to understand and comprehensive.


Bodnariuc Ludmila - Moldova - BC MOBIASBANCĂ-Groupe Societe Generale

About International Compliance Foundation Level
2018-04-23 / Chisinau

The seminar met my expectations due to the fact that all information was very good structured, detailed, clear and very informative. The lecturer presented the course in a very professional, high level approach requesting always feed-back from participants, offering useful remarks and professional approaches.
The acquired knowledge will help me to enhance personal compliance (AML/CTF) approach by using different strategies/methods presented in this seminar.


Iva Tuka - Albania
Credit Assessment and Management - NBG Bank

About Credit Assessment & Cash Flow Analysis
2018-04-17 / Tirana

I think the seminar was very much worth it. As it said in the title, we improved the cash flow analysis and now we are more determined about the strength of a specific borrower.


Zhanar Perlenbetava - Kazakhstan - Bank Home Credit

About IFRS9
2018-04-16 / Almaty

Thank you very much for this independent and comprehensive training. By knowing common practice, I am more calmed down that Im not lagging behind with IFRS9 implementation. I am assured that I am on the right way and it was confirmed by the trainer.


Luis Urquilla - El Salvador - Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador

About Certified International Portfolio and Relationship Manager part II
2018-04-16 / Luxembourg

The impact of the seminar: it will improve my scope as a banker and knowing the best practices in Luxembourg is the best reference one can have in order to start changing things in my country through work.

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