From 27 May 2019 to 31 May 2019    Certification Programme: Risk Management in Banking    in Praia / Cape Verde



Badamyan Buyanjargal - Mongolia - Khanbank

About AML & CTF Foundation Level
2019-05-06 / Ulaanbaatar

I am glad having had an international level training in our country. From the first day to the end of the class, I received very informative and useful contents regarding AML / CTF.


Dong Thi Ngoc Son - Vietnam - Techcombank

About Bank Management 2019, Governance : Audit, Control and Compliance
2019-04-22 / Hanoi

It is a very good seminar. All the joint stock commercial banks should send managers and senior managers to study. It is a mandatory course for those who work at IC, BOM, BOD and strongly recommended for all support functions and business heads.


Dai Jihui - China - Orient Securities Company Ltd

About Portfolio Management
2019-04-22 / Shanghai

This seminar met my expectations very much. The case study about portfolio construction workshop is very interesting. The teacher is very professional.


Moram El-Araby - Egypt - Union National Bank Egypt

About Portfolio Management
2019-04-07 / Cairo

The seminar was highly informative and added a lot to my knowledge concerning Portfolio Management fundamentals.


Egerin Braše - Albania - Raiffeisen Bank

About Credit Analysis & Management
2019-04-02 / Tirana

The seminar met my expectations regarding the topic treated. It even exceeded my expectations regarding the way it was treated and the pedagogical skills of the lecturer.


Narcise Mustafi - Macedonia - National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

About Risk Management: Asset & Liability Management
2019-04-01 / Skopje

This seminar proved me once again that House of Training-ATTF are really leaders in transferring the knowledge, while combining the theoretical part with the practical one. Taking into consideration that the topic of the seminar was new for me, it fulfilled my gaps regarding risk issues by providing an appropriate approach for this topic.

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