From 24 Sep 2018 to 26 Sep 2018    Cyber and Information Securiy Management    in Pristina / Kosovo



Aya Tarek Mohamed Ahmed - Egypt - Alexbank

About Risk Management in Banking
2018-07-16 / Cairo

The seminar covered or tickled very important points. I really found the content useful. I loved the elaboration of Stefano, I just wished we would finish the other part of the seminar this year so I would get used to apply it in my bank.


Destin Ndivito - Rwanda - BPR Ltd

About IFRS9
2018-06-05 / Kigali

As we are adopting the IFRS9 for our first time this will help me to familiarize with the new tool and as our regulation is the one who choose to adopt this, I will be able to participate positively in my institution’s needs.


Lluga Enida - Albania - Tirana Bank

About Selling Financial Services & Managing Client Relationships
2018-05-28 / Tirana

The seminar was perfectly perfect. Alex Kloos is an amazing trainer. We learned a lot from him and from each other and I’m sure that all of us are going to practice what we learned in those 3 days of training. Communication and practice were the strongest topics. The seminar will improve our communication skills and being more professional in our daily work: listening more to the people and being more tolerant, respecting their ideas and comparing to our own ideas.


Arnold Kociu - Albania - Tirana Bank

About Selling Financial Services & Managing Client Relationships
2018-05-28 / Tirana

The training was really interesting and fruitful. It helped us understand many points about our everyday lives and jobs. Our teacher made the training really interesting and he gave us the opportunity to participate a lot and share our ideas. It will help me to get better at my daily work: tt will help me to evaluate myself better and it will help me with my communication skills and the way I evaluate my clients from now on.


Delgermaa Gira - Mongolia - Banking and Finance Academy

About Cyber and Information Security Management
2018-05-21 / Ulaanbaatar

Yes, the seminar did meet my expectations. I wish that more people could participate in this training, especially the part “training on awareness”. I will change my behavior and change my passwords, be more careful in dealing with email communications & keeping safe my passwords. It was an eye-opening course for me. I will raise awareness of others.


Dodita Aliona - Moldova
Operational Risks and Control frameworks - Victoriabank

About Operational Risks and Control frameworks
2018-05-15 / Chisinau

The seminar was useful and helpful and also interesting by doing different exercises that gave us the possibility to understand better in which way we can identify, measure and assess risks in the bank. Also, now, after this training I can understand better the importance of each line of defense.

The knowledge acquired will help me to understand better how to make different controls for mitigation and calculate the impact of risks. Also, this seminar has highlighted the importance of risk culture (specially in front office) and the importance of reporting to board and measurement of risk appetite.

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