From 01 Apr 2019 to 03 Apr 2019    Risk Management: Asset & Liability Management    in Skopje / Macedonia



Muamera Cesko - Bosnia - Herzegovia - Bosnia Bank International

About IFRS9
2019-03-12 / Sarajevo

Although Mr Hall emphasizes that he is not an academic expert but a practitioner, he shows a great talent for the job lectures. Very interesting, simplified, concrete lectures with a lot of examples.


Martin Davitkovski - Macedonia - Stopanska Banka AD Skopje

About Retail Banking & New Distribution Channels
2019-02-27 / Skopje, Macedonia

My expectations are completely fulfilled, thank you for the three days with an “old” banker and his lessons during his life. Excellent knowledge of the whole banking procedures and terms, all starting from opening an account to corporate banking.


Artur Golban - Moldova - JSCB Eximbank

About AML & CTF - Advanced Level & Preparation Course to ACAMS Exam
2019-02-25 / Luxembourg

The seminar was an exchange of experience, it was very comprehensive and we had the possibility to speak with international experts. It was a very high level AML course. During the course we learned about the international legislation in the AML domain, filing STR and ACAMS taxing techniques.


Mirjana Goxharaj - Albania - Bank of Albania

About AML & CTF - Advanced Level & Preparation Course to ACAMS Exam
2019-02-25 / Luxembourg

The seminar was very well organized, including very useful topics of the AML/CTF area, including international standards that were very well briefed and clearly explained by the lecturers during the seminar.


Nino Gubeladze - Georgia - Finca Bank

About Financial Institution Corporate Governance
2019-02-18 / Tbilisi

The instructor was very knowledgeable and open to share lots of real life cases and experiences that helped me understand better some of the vague topics clearly.


Aroska Simona - Macedonia - Stopanska Banka AD Skopje

About Internal Audit & Control
2019-01-29 / Skopje

The seminar definitely met my expectations. The topics were well structured, explained and related to practice. The exchange of knowledge and experience was at the highest level.

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