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Types of Activities

The House of Training – ATTF provides assistance in four different forms:

  1. Seminars/workshops: 3-8 working days held in the partner countries/regions, some with exams.
  2. Multinational seminars/workshops: 4-10 days in Luxembourg many of which are assessed by exams.
  3. Expert assistance: on and off-site assistance, providing knowledge transfer complementing formal seminars and/or providing specific technical assistance. 
  4. Coaching
  5. Distance Learning : The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 offered new opportunities for the ATTF in terms of distance learning such as online or virtual classrooms and E-learnings. Both types of distance learning are fully integrated into our training offer. We provide STS seminars online for specific countries and online multinational seminars for which candidates from our partner countries can apply. These online seminars are offered via Webex, Zoom or Teams.

1. Seminars/workshops abroad

The House of Training - ATTF offers a large variety of topical seminars. These seminars and workshops are designed to be held in foreign countries but can, upon request, be run as open courses in Luxembourg.

2. Multinational seminars/workshops in Luxembourg

The House of Training - ATTF offers seminars in Luxembourg. In many cases these seminars predominantly prepare participants for an examination leading to an official certificate, many of which are internationally recognized. These programmes are offered in cooperation with official House of Training partners in Luxembourg.

3. Expert assistance

Our objective is to understand our country partners’ financial sector assistance needs and to create impact in their countries by addressing agreed aspects of these needs. In many cases our wide range of existing courses are able to satisfy such needs, however there may be instances where we do not have existing resources or where the impact of our intervention would be increased by going further than we can with formal training alone. The assistance may take the form of specific preparation off-site before a seminar, additional days on-site in combination with seminars, when for example our experts may take part in meetings, discussions and assist local experts in their understanding of specific and applied cases. The House of Training may also conduct site visits to gather needs, carry out assessments or make analysis. It should be noted that the scope of our interventions is typically to transfer knowledge, bringing external best practice and knowledge to our country partners and to act as a catalyst. It is expected that our country partners are fully involved in any requested project and that they remain responsible for the successful delivery of the project’s overall objectives.  

4. Coaching

To increase its effectiveness in the context of strategic projects or those requiring significant organizational or cultural change, the House of Training has developed its own tested approach in coaching. This approach, that targets senior management, may have a duration of one to three years and is applicable to different contexts. It fosters ownership, assists changes in mindset and raises the competence and autonomy of the coachees receiving the assistance. 


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